Infoprint 6700

DISCONTINUED MODEL Roll Paper or Fanfold Paper Thermal


Continuous Paper Laser Printers Roll Paper or Fanfold Paper Laser

IBM 4000

Continuous Paper Laser Printers Roll Paper or Fanfold Paper Laser

Infoprint 4247

DISCONTINUED MODEL Fanfold Paper Serial Matrix

Infoprint 6500

DISCONTINUED MODEL Fanfold Paper Line Matrix

In 1993, Printronix and IBM established a partnership making Printronix the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of IBM Line Impact Printers. The first IBM Line Impact Dot Matrix Printer was released in 1993 as the IBM 6408-A00 & CTO. Through the end of 2011, Printronix served as the exclusive OEM partner for all IBM/InfoPrint Line Impact printer models, in addition to manufacturing and selling near-equivalent Printronix branded models.

History of OEM Relationship

Detailed timeline of IBM / InfoPrint Printers, manufactured by Printronix.


What's Your Upgrade Path?

Printronix has the complete range of products, spare parts, supplies and services to support the needs of customers and business partners using IBM / Info Print line matrix products. Printronix continues to invest in this technology providing new products and services to expand the value of line matrix printing technology to the Info Print customer and partner base. Below you can find our comparison chart that illustrates legacy IBM / Info Print printers with equivalent upgraded Printronix models.