Infoprint 4247







  • With print speeds of up to 1,100 cps, and rugged metal casing, the IBM 4247 Infoprint 4247 is designed to deliver exceptional performance even in the most demanding and complex environments. The two optional front paper feed paths and the sturdy 6-pin tractors make it easy to load forms and allow reliable paper movement for printing on a wide variety of forms
  • The remote printer management utility, which is included with the optional Ethernet controller, allows users to access the status of all printers in the network in real time, configure multiple printers simultaneously, and remotely access a virtual operator panel .
  • Our consumables are specifically manufactured for our printers, with special formulas that minimize component failures and, consequently, expenses derived from downtime and maintenance operations. The production of our consumables, under strict quality control guidelines, guarantee uniformity from batch to batch
  • The combination of placement, switching and paper binding can help you maximize printing options and increase productivity. The graphic addressing capability of all points (APA) allows quality printing of bar codes, logos, transparencies, and so on.
  • To allow migration from older printers, the integrated Ethernet card supports IPDS and SNMP. Pedestal and cabinet configurations increase the flexibility to place the printer in multiple locations.
  • The loading of forms and automatic thickness adjustment, in addition to the intelligent management of custom forms, allows to increase the efficiency when loading and retrieving forms. In addition, the operator panel includes an intuitive design for easy navigation, and a multilingual 2 × 24 LCD screen, which allows you to read menus and messages with great ease.

The new industrial impact matrix printer InfoPrint 4247 model X03 is based on the strengths of previous models of the InfoPrint 4247 family and has the following characteristics:

  • Print speed of up to 800 characters per second (cps) in DP mode
  • Remote printer management capabilities when connecting LAN
  • Integrated optional parallel attachments, Ethernet, serial and USB 2.0
  • Automatic form loading, automatic thickness adjustment and automatic ejection to improve operator productivity
  • Workload capacity of up to 44,000 pages per month.
  • Multiple data flow emulations to provide easy replacement of older printers
  • Form width from 3 to 17 inches (76 to 432 mm)
  • Maximum print width of 13.6 in. (348 mm)
  • One or two front tractors of continuous shapes for maximum reliability of form feeding
  • Easy-to-use operator panel
  • Silent operation
  • Sources DP, DP, NLQ, OCR-A and OCR-B
  • Wide compatibility with barcodes


This cartridge tape replaceable by the customer supports general-purpose printing as well as automatic identification printing for visible light scanning.

  • Expected life: 20 million DP characters.
  • Estimated annual use: 12 tapes.
  • Standard packaging: 1 per box; 6 per box
  • Part number: 57P1743

IBM black ribbon (57P1743), compatible for the following printers:

  • IBM 4247Series, 4247V01, 4247V02, 4247V03, 4247Z03 / Infoprint 4247-Z 03