Compuprint 9065 Plus

Matrix Printers Fanfold Paper Serial Matrix

Compuprint 9050 Plus

Matrix Printers Fanfold Paper Serial Matrix

Compuprint 4247-Z03

Industrial Printers Fanfold Paper Serial Matrix

Compuprint 4247-L03

Industrial Printers Roll Paper or Fanfold Paper Serial Matrix

Compuprint 4247-X03

Industrial Printers Roll Paper or Fanfold Paper Serial Matrix

Company Profile

Compuprint is a leader in the development and manufacturing of printing solutions for professional, industrial and transactional front office applications. 

Compuprint is dedicated to leading these market segments by adding value to enterprise printing requirements with advanced solutions that deliver cost efficiencies and a high return on your investment. Compuprint’s origins can be traced back over 40 years to the printing divisions of Honeywell and Bull Group. Their legacy of designing and manufacturing millions of high quality and innovative printers during this time continues to this day. Today, Compuprint belongs to the GDS Group (Italy) and carries on the business of high end dot matrix, transactional and thermal printers for the group and guarantees to meet the specific demands of the respective target markets. Every product solution is designed and manufactured by Compuprint to be the best choice to meet the specific print requirements in manufacturing, distribution, transportation, government and post office environments. Compuprint products deliver best in class speed, reliability and ease of use and general do it all at lowest cost of ownership. Compuprint’s headquarters is located in Leinì (Italy) where products are developed for our own brand and OEM customers that commission us to design and build printers that are sold with their label. The Compuprint products are exclusively distributed over the world by distribution partners, system integrators and VARs.

Compuprint srl

Compuprint srl, part of GDS Group (Vicenza), is a company that takes advantage of the experience of production of a wide range of professional printers and industrial printing solutions. This experience come from the historical Compuprint brand and Italian R&D laboratories of Honeywell first and Bull in the recent past; the result are 30 years of presence in the market with more than 3 million printers produced, a worldwide and solid customers base that found an efficient partner and high quality "high range" products. All these activities are based in Leini (TO).

GDS Group

GDS is world leader for industrial displays, these are applied in several applications like airports, railway stations, department stores as well professional devices for banking, healthcare and monitoring. GDS is present in the market since long time with professional solutions. The headquarter is in Cornedo (VI) and it is present with several branches in Europe, United States and Asia.

The Compuprint brand

Under this brand are commercialized the products developed and produced in Leini by Compuprint srl, a wide range of serial impact printers, transactional printers and thermal printers. All of them are based on innovative and "state of the art" solutions for connectivity, emulations and languages. Compuprint srl supplies further to the support for its products, spare parts, printheads and original consumables (ribbons and toners) with Compuprint brand. In Leini we develop and produce printers for worldwide important customers and OEMs.

Company Mission

  • Invest in technology to sustain our long term product leadership commitment
  • Focus on quality and reliability to ensure maximum efficiency and poductivity
  • Expand a network of partners with a mutual objective of growth and profitability
  • Drive and support market expansion in new vertical markets and countries
  • Be the best choice for customized solutions for OEMs or large end user projects

Company Values

  • To be recognized for Compuprint’s years of sustained product quality and reliability
  • Long list of renowned customer base
  • Deliver the latest technology to ensure the right solution for any application
  • To take full ownership of technologies and solutions to ensure the best support to our customers
  • Maintain high focus on customer satisfaction
  • A guarantee for many years of trouble free printing