Microplex Solid 58E MICR

Continuous laser printer Microplex Solid 58E MICR


 Printing system for batch printing with magnetic toner MICR.


The Solid 58E can handle forms up to 18 inches wide, with 17 inches print width allows you to simultaneously print two A4 pages in 2up mode at a speed of 58 ppm. The production volume of the Solid 58E is up to 300,000 pages per month , makes it equally suitable for distributed printing applications, two individually selectable paper feeders and an integrated paper cutter make it easy to print different formats.

The Solid 58E support continuous paper forms with drag bands of a thickness from 64 to 156 g / m² with a resolution of 300 dpi and a maximum paper width   of 17 inches for the Solid 33E-2 and 18 Inches for the solid 58E.

Both printers have two independent and removable tractor cassettes and an  automatic paper stacker (optional) facilitating the feeding and stacking of continuous paper, combined with the integrated cutter allows to separate batch print jobs as well as cutting continuous sheet paper loose.

The high functionality of the integrated MICROPLEX printer driver in the Solid 33E-2 and Solid 58E models simplifies data processing, integrating resident scanners, bar codes, alphanumeric characters and vector graphics.

The Solid 58E MICR laser printer is a perfect combination of LED photoelectric technology and MICR for the printing of personalized checks . The printer produces 14,000 checks per hour and is designed for a work cycle of 300,000 pages per month on average.

Ideal for:

  • Security-relevant documents / cheque printing
  • Documents with 2D barcodes
  • Documents with up to 18-inch material width


  • Printing of cheques with MICR toner
  • Cutter and tractor cassettes included
  • USB, Ethernet (10/100 Mbit) as standard
  • Laser and matrix printer compatible
  • SAP and AS/400 compatible
  • Perfect control via Status Out and SPS Control (optional)

Manufacturer's link:  http://microplex.de/de/produkte/endlos-laserdrucker/solid-58e/


Printing technology 

LED,  heat fixing / pressure OPC


MPC 5.x with Intel XScale PXA 255  (400 MHz RISC processor)

Print speed

Up to 58 pages / minute (A4 2up)  8.6 m / min

Print resolution  max. 600 dpi x 600 dpi
Work cycle

Up to 300,000 pages  (based on a 60-month usage period)

max. Up to 1,275,000 pages (12x17 ")

Power supply

240V -10 / + 6%, 50-60 Hz

Energy consumption

7.5 A

Acoustic noise

<55 dB (A)

Dimensions (WxDxH in mm)

890 x 780 x 350

1120 x780 x 1160 incl. Optional stacker


164kg (112 kg without options)

Environmental temperature

15 - 30 ° C

Relative humidity

25 - 55% (rel., Non-condensing)


Serial USB 1.1  
Parallel IEEE 1284 (Centronics)  
LAN Ethernet-Interface  10/100 MBit, bidirectional (TCP / IP)


RAM 128MB  
Flash 16MB

MICROPLEX IDOL, HP-PCL5 / HPGL, AGFA Reno, LN03 +, BULL-MP6090, Datamax (FGL), Etimark MP-1220, TEC Bx72, TEC B6xx, LDC, ZPL II, EPL2, UBI Fingerprint, IER Command, Godex EZPL, Diablo 630, IBM Proprinter, Epson FX-80, MT-600 / MT40, IDS, ANSI Genicom, TIFF, HP Designjet, XML (SAP RFID), CUPS Raster

Optional Emulations

μ-Postscript, CODE-V (Magnum), XEROX XES, KODESCRIPT +, Prescribe / PSB 2, IGP-10, Datamax tag point, IPDS, AEA, AFP, RFM  
(more emulations on request)


QR Code, EAN 8, 13, 128, add-on, 2/5 Datalogic 3-stroke, 2/5 3-stroke matrix, Codabar, PDF 417, Royalbar, Planet, Jetcaps (HP / SAP), Code 39, 128 MSI, UPC A, E, Postnet, KIX, USPS One Code

Optional barcodes

USD5, Aztec code, UPS-Maxicode, Datamatrix  
(more barcodes on request)

Additional functions

Intelligent barcode generation  on the fly in the printer  

Format divided
into several sub-formats per command  

Integrated form management

up to 12 MB flash for forms and fonts inside the printer

Optional functions

notifies each printed page correctly through the 

programmable embedded GPIO INTELLIGENCE interface  (SPS-Control) : it allows bidirectional communication between the printer and a PLC. The integration of the printer in the production lines is possible, controlled by the GPIO interface. It is possible to make specific modifications of the Client / Application.

Printable media
Document length

76 - 610 mm (3 "- 24")

With stacker

178 - 432 mm (7 "- 17")

Width document solid 58e

152 - 457 mm (6 "- 18")

Printable area

432 mm (17 ")


64 - 155 g / m²

Feeder / Stacker

2 independent, detachable tractor cassettes



Back: cutter

Stacker 3,000 sheets

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Product Number Product Description Lifetime based on 15"x11" 5%
MPX5051-1 Microplex 33E-2/58E toner  14,000
5051 Toner Set 33E-2/58E 140,000
5052 Developer Kit 33E-2 230,000
5053 OPC Drum 33E-2/58E 150,000
5054 Fuser Kit 33E-2 500,000
5055 Developer Kit 58E 230,000
5056 Fuser Kit 58E 500,000
5057 Toner Set 58E MICR 112,000
5058 Developer Kit 33E-2/58E MICR 200,000