IBM 6400





This range of printers was discontinued in 2001, however the Printronix P8000  model that have replaced it have the same technology and even in 90% of the same features, as the  IBM 6400 series  has been the range Most successful of the IBM brand manufactured by Printronix.

Robust, economical and silent.

IBM 6400 Dot Matrix Printers

Strengths  Matrix printing quality line.
  • Four models: 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000 lines per minute, two versions: Pedestal and Classic
  • The pedestal version can reduce floor space and simplify access to paper
  • The Classic version is quieter than most laser printers
  • Many attachments
  • Many graphic options: IBM IPDS, Code V and IGP
  • Excellent reliability
  • Integrated network connection
  • Supervision software

A wide selection of attachments and emulations. The range of IBM 6400 printers offers. a wide variety of attachments and emulations and can be integrated into many computing environments. This opening offers some flexibility during the initial installation and guarantees the sustainability of the investments through the evolution of the computer park.

Remote Management The IBM 6400 monitoring software offers the ability to display the printer operator panel on the screen and access all the parameters through it. Therefore, a complete IBM 6400 fleet can be configured and upgraded from a single workstation. In addition, the IBM 6400 family is part of the printers controlled by Infoprint Manager.


Graphic options Combining the best impact technology with sophisticated graphics options, each IBM 6400 printer is capable of printing complex documents and bars. The IBM Intelligent Printer Data Flow (IPDS), the CodeVet IGP options allow IBM 6400 printers to support traditional industrial applications.

Paper formats Paper handling in IBM 6400 series printers is particularly easy with a simple, reliable and accessible paper path. Horizontal and vertical micrometer settings ensure accurate paper alignment. The preview function Facilitates these adjustments. The design of the Pedestal version allows easy access to the input and output paper. The adjustable cover offers two paper outputs, on demand or in conventional storage mode.

User environment The IBM 6400 series printer is equipped with an 80-character LCD screen that allows you to check the status of the printer. The essential functions are quickly accessible through a set of keys of different colors, easily identifiable. The line of printers of matrix of points of IBM 6400 is especially designed for big volumes of impressesion. A wide selection of attachments and emulations makes these printers versatile and compatible with most computing environments. The IBM 6400 series is available in two versions: pedestal or classic. The pedestal reduces floor space and facilitates access to paper. The classic, soundproof version is suitable for any work environment. Maintenance and services IBM IBM offers a full range of high-level services, from hardware maintenance to software support, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. summary

The IBM 6400 printers offer the following features and benefits:

Reliable printing at 500,1000,1500 or 2000 lines per minute, depending on the model.

  • The pedestal version reduces floor space and facilitates access to paper
  • The Classic version is quieter than most laser printers
  • Ergonomic 80-character control screen
  • A particularly simple paper path for efficient paper handling
  • Printing of barcodes
  • Printing of labels and multi-packages. (up to 6 copies)
  • Many types of attachments
  • Monitoring software for models equipped with an integrated Ethernet card.
  • Graphic options for IBM IPDS, IGP and Code V (Printronix versions)
  • Easy implementation • EuroReady
  • The impact offer of the Infoprint Manager solution.
  • USPostal Certificate
  • On-site guarantee 3 months (mod 020 guaranteed 12 months)

Printronix invented the concept of line  matrix printing  in 1974 and since then we have not stopped introducing new and innovative products into the market through generations of technological developments. The  Printronix P5000 series leads the market in speed, print quality, ease of operation and connectivity. Whenever you need economical printing of high quality labels, reports, barcodes or forms consisting of several parts, matrix printing is the standard. With print speeds of up to 2,000 lines per minute (bpm), you're sure to find a Printronix P5000 model that fits your needs. One of the main advantages of line matrix technology, apart from its enormous speed, is the economy of operation and ownership. Compared with laser and dot matrix printers,  the PRINTRONIX P5000 can be up to 10 times more economical in terms of performance , due to the exclusive design of consumables that reduce operating costs for your printing requirements.

Printronix P8000 Perfect replacement of the matrix models with technology of characters per second models: DFX5000 DFX8000 DFX 8500 DFX9000 oki 4410 as well as the discontinued versions of  Infoprint 6500 Printronix p5000 TallyGenicom 6200 and 6300

Printronix OEM Printers   Master Printer oem List C1

Specifications of the IBM 6400 line printers


Models 6400-50 6400-P50 6400-010 6400-P10 6400-015 6400-020

Print speed (LPM, uppercase characters, lowercase characters)

                                                 50/P50                 010/P10             015                020

High speed                                             500/428                     1,000 / 856          1,500 / 1,289       2,000 / 1,700

Data processing                                      375/300                       750/600             1,125 / 900         1,500 / 1,200

Quality next to letter                               200/154                      400/306                 600/459              800/615

Maximum resolution

180 dpi horizontal x 96 dpi vertical

Printable width

Up to 13.6 “(345.4 mm)


RS-232 / RS-422 Series (Optional RS-422 P5220s)
Parallel IEEE-1284 / Centronics Compatibility – Standard
Data Products – Optional Ethernet and Twinax

Standard emulations

Printronix P-Series, P Series XQ, Serial Matrix, IBM ProPrinter III XL, Epson FX-1050

Optional emulations

Integrated twinax interface for connection to IBM 36/38 and AS / 400 systems directly or through
IBM 5394 or 5494 workstation controller – optional Coax Integrated coax interface for connection to optional IBM 3174, 3274 or 3276 group controller
Automatic switchover Between active ports P5220s allows switching between parallel port and Ethernet
PGL / VGL, ANSI 3.64, IPDS (twinax and Ethernet), TN5250, TN3270, Twinax, Coax
Twinax – IBM 5225 Models 1, 2, 3, 4, IBM 4234 Models 2, 12 Printronix transparent mode available for special functions
Coax – IBM 3287 Models 1 and 2, IBM 4234 Model 1 Compatible modes BSC, SCS / LU1, DSC and DSE.
Printronix transparent mode available for special functions Dynamic font selection


Self-adjusting 120/240 V AC 60/50 Hz

Power consumption
050 / P50 175
010 / P10 260
015 390
020 475

Energy Star compliance – Less than 30 watts (energy saving mode)

Dimensions and weight

Models P50 / P10 Models 050/010/015/020

Width: 62.5 cm (24.6 “) 68.6 cm (27”)
Length: 52.6 cm (20.7 “) 73.7 cm (29”)
Height: 88.9 cm (35 “) 108 cm (42.5 “)
Weight: 54.4 kg (120 lbs.) 102 kg (205 lbs.)

Weight with packaging 115 kg (52.2 lbs) 129.3 kg (62.5 lbs)

Sound level according to ISO 7779
050 62 dBA
010 65 dBA
P50 / P10 50 dBA
015 52 dBA
020 53 dBA

Operating temperature

50 to 104º F
From 10 to 40º C

Software and Drivers

Remote management software Printronix PrintNet Enterprise
Device types SAP
Windows 95/98 / NT / 2000 / XP




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