Printronix P8000

Printronix P8000 cartridge printers


The line matrix printer Printronix P8000 range offers:

  • higher quality / price ratio
  • improved efficiency
  • lower operating cost of the market

Printronix introduces a new design and greater functionality with the Printronix P8000 series of cartridge printers, with which you get wider flexibility, greater compatibility and the best price / performance ratio with the lowest costs per copy in the market. This series of printers was developed under the traditional strategy of high quality and performance of the technology of line matrix equipment Printronix. You will get the best operating performance, lowest costs, smallest dimensions and a much lower noise level.

Printronix P8000 Quiet and Strong

have been created to offer companies a major modernization of the old Printronix P5000 line matrix printers. It is the ideal solution for companies that are concerned about high costs and that should choose an industrial printing technology that offers high reliability even working in environments with extreme weather conditions or dirt and in limited work spaces. This family of printers provides the widest flexibility, the highest compatibility and the lowest costs of any dot matrix printer available in the market. Printronix

Printronix P8000 Ready For Many Applications

P8000 line matrix printers are ideal for manufacturing, distribution and logistics companies, official bodies, financial institutions and the automotive sector, places where it is necessary to print invoices, lists, shipment documentation and freight transport, account statements banking or various types of labels. HD models of the P8000 series have PDF and Postscript emulations.

Perfect replacement of the matrix models with character technology per second models: DFX 5000 DFX 8000 DFX 8500 DFX 9000 OKI ML 4410 as well as the discontinued versions of IBM 6400 & Infoprint 6500 Printronix p5000 TallyGenicom 6200 and 6300

3 versions available

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Specifications Printronix P8000


Standard USB 2.0, Serial RS-232, Ethernet 10/100BaseT, Parallel – IEEE 1284 Centronics

Character Pitch (characters per inch
10, 12, 13.3, 15, 16.7, 17.1, 20

Line Spacing (lines per inch)
6, 8, 10.3, n/72, n/216

Graphics Resolution
180 dpi Horizontal, 144 dpi Vertical (max)

Dot Size
16.7 mil (.42mm)

Standard: LP+ (Printronix P-Series, P-Series XQ, Serial Matrix, IBM ProPrinter III XL, Epson FX-1050), ANSI, PCL 2, TN5250/TN3270, Graphics Emulation PGL & VGL
Optional: IPDS, DEC LG
OpenPrint Standard Ghostscript Postscript (Level 3 compatible), PDF (Level 1.7 compatible), Printronix PJL

Character Sets
99 plus character sets including ECMA Latin 1, DEC Multinational, IBM Code Page 437 and 850, OCR A, OCR B, UTF8 encoded Unicode

Character Styles
Bold, italic, double wide, double high, overstrike, underline, subscript and superscript

NLQ Serif, NLQ Sans Serif, Data Processing, High Speed, OCR A, OCR B

30 resident symbologies, including Code 39, EAN 8/13, UPC A/E, Intelligent Mail, Postnet, Royal Mail, Interleaved 2 of 5, PDF 417, Data Matrix

Printer Software
Printronix PrintNet Enterprise remote management software, SAP device support

Printer Drivers
Windows XP, 7, 8, 10; Windows Server 2003, 2008/R2, 2012; Linux/UNIX; SAP

Power Voltage
AC input range 100-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ

Power Consumption (typical)
• P8P05 / P8C05 / P8Z05 320 watts
• P8P10 / P8C10 / P8Z10 320 watts
• P8C15 475 watts
• P8C20 475 watts

Power Consumption (Standby)
Less than 5 watts

Operating Temperature
Environmental Operating Temperature 50° to 104° F, 10° to 40° C

Paper Type
Continuous, fan folded, edge-perforation

Print Width
13.6″ (345mm)

Media Copie
Up to 6 part; up to 4 part for Zero Tear models

3” (76mm) to 12” (305mm)

0.025” (0.64mm) max

Media Width
3″ (76mm) to 17″ (432mm)
For Zero Tear models:
7.5” (191mm) to 12” (305mm) for up to 4 part carbon and 6 part carbonless
7.5” (191mm) to 16” (406mm) for up to 3 part carbon and 4 part carbonless

Media Weight Single Ply
15 lb. Bond to 100 lb. Tag (56 to 163 gm/M2)
For Zero Tear models:
18 lb. Bond to 100 lb. Tag (67.7 to 163 gm/M2) for forms up to 12” (305mm) in width
20 lb. Bond to 100 lb. Tag (75.2 to 163gm/M2) for forms up to 16” (406mm) in width

10,000 hours at 25% duty cycle and 25% page density

Standard Life Cartridge Ribbon: 17,000 pages
Extended Life Cartridge Ribbon: 30,000 pages (Only available for 1000-2000 lpm models)
Page yield based on ISO LSA Page, 8.5″ x 11″ letter-size, approximately 5% coverage

40.5” (1028.7 mm)

27″ (685.8 mm)

29″ (736.6 mm)

Printer Weight:
200 lbs (90.7 Kg)

Shipping Printer Weight:
265 lbs (120.2 Kg)

Acoustic Noise (dBA) per ISO 7779:
P8205: 50
P8210: 50
P8215: 52
P8220: 55