Industrial Printers Continuous paper Zig Zag Matrix


Industrial Printers Continuous paper Zig Zag Matrix


Industrial Printers Continuous paper Zig Zag Matrix


Industrial Printers Continuous paper Zig Zag Matrix

PSI PP3034

Continuous Paper Laser Printers Continuous paper coil or zig zag Laser

PSi Matrix GmbH

PSi Matrix GmbH develops, produces and distributes high-performance matrix printers and is one of the world's leading manufacturers. PSi dot matrix printers are designed for extremely high workloads, even in harsh environments. The main customers of the PSi dot matrix printer manufacturer include industrial, logistics, commercial, banking and service companies. Matrix printing is a printing technology that allows you to simultaneously print multiple copies at high speed for the lowest page cost.
The company is headquartered and manufactured in Freudenberg, mainly with its own PSi private label, but also for OEM customers. Certified partners and systems resellers market PSi products worldwide. The P.S.i Group is also formed by the entities P.S.i Laser GmbH, which is a world leader in the field of continuous laser printers up to 50 ppm (pages per minute); and P.S.i Engegineering GmbH, which as a service company for the development of hardware and software, completes the P.S.i group
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Main Sectors that use P.S.I printers

Health Sector: Birth Certificate, Vaccination Record, Disability Certificates, Bar Codes, Orders, Receipts. Industry / Automotive: Assembly lists, work follow-up documents Control bodies: Certificate, registration certificate, technical product information, test certificate, test reports Logistics: AWBs / CIM, Airway Invoices, Order Lists Applications of office: Correspondence, descriptions, communications by electronic mail, registers of income, books of trips Services of parcel: Documents of order, delivery notes Service of passengers: Production / Manufacturing: Associated work cards Public administration:Certifications, deregistration (automobiles), communications by email, registration (CAR) Trade: Labels, order documents, outsourcing documents