The PSI PP803 printer offers versatility and performance


The PP803 model belongs to the fastest compact matrix printers on the market . With its throughput of 500 pages per hour, the printer offers high performance and a very compact size.
The PP803 printer offers a professional solution for large  volumes , flexible and cost-effective printing. Rugged metal design, multiple paper inputs, and tape control ensure unattended and reliable printing in for example: logistics, in industrial and administrative applications, in retail in travel agencies, DUA customs documents , among other.


Up to two paper entries with "Tractor Cassettes" and the Auto-Tear-off function make continuous paper handling as easy as possible. Ultra-precise registration with Intellidrive ™ - The technology allows perfectly to fill pre-printed forms, such as documents, bills with clear letters as well as barcodes with greater precision and high readability. Automatic Gap control (AGC) allows printing on paper up to 1 mm (0.04 inches) thick and transport paper with a thickness of up to 2 mm (0.08 inches).

Thanks to its flat surface design , print up to 9 copies (1 +8) without problem. With its concept of proven connectivity (PSi Personality Modules) PP-803 is ready for any network environment.


Low printing costs are guaranteed with the ink ribbon with a long service life of up to 15 million characters.


  • 24-pin high-performance printer with IntellidriveTM technology.
  • Compact flat design with 94 columns at 10 cpi and print bar
  • Industrial model reinforced.
  • Print performance:
    – 600 cps (10 cpi)
    – 500 pages / hour
    – 40,000 pages / month
  • Up to 9 copies (1 + 8)
  • Precise positioning of the printing, ideal for printing forms.
  • Low cost of printing with an economical ink ribbon (15 million characters)
  • Up to two continuous paper feeds, plus a manual paper feed
  • Modular interface design by customized modules (PM)
  • Easy use by macro functions.
  • Optional guillotine

Ribbon Cassette PSI  PP 803

REF: 8709-002-39801
Ribbon Cassette Black S/RC 98/ 15 Mio characters