The PSI PP405 has up to 5 inputs and 3 paper outputs


Multipurpose printer with great flexibility in the handling of paper , which allows to execute several different applications in a single printer.

The PSI PP 405 printer offers flexibility in paper handling, allowing you to run several different applications on a single printer. Five paper entries and three outputs both continuous and single sheets of multicopy documents at a print speed of 600 cps (characters per second) and a performance of 500 pages per hour. The PSI PP 405 stands out for its easy handling and friendly use allows printing different documents without monitoring.
Due to its low noise level, it fits both in offices and in the industry.
Its robust printing technique and longevity box ensure extreme reliability for professional printing applications with a typical print volume of up to 20,000 pages per month.
Paper handling:
  • 5 tickets, 3 departures
  • Continuous paper, loose paper, envelopes, labels, multicopy documents
  • Flat bed technology
  • Smart head


  • Main frame, AS400, UNIX, DEC, Wwindows, etc
  • Series, Parallel, Etherne, Coax, Twinax
  • Device type for SAP


  • 500 pages / Hour
  • 20,000 Pages / Month
  • 24 Needle head life span 400 million characters

Main  characteristics PSI PP405

  • High performance 24 needles printer
  • Flat technology for reliable paper transport
  • Robust design
  • Capacity: 600 cps (10 cpi) 507 pages / hour 20,000 pages / month
  • Low noise level ≤ 52 dB (A)
  • 5 paper entries
  • 3 Paper outputs up to 6 Printing benefits (1 + 5)
  • Separation of print jobs without loss of shape
  • Automatic control of paper thickness
  • Flexible paper handling for continuous forms, cut sheets, heavy forms sets, labels and envelopes
  • Versatile capabilities for office and industrial applications
  • Concept of Variable Interface Personality Modules

Ribbons Printer PSI  PP 405

REF: 8709-002-37801
Ribbon Cassette Black S/RC7/ 16 Mio characters

PSI PP405 8709 002 37801






REF: 8709-002-37901
Ribbon Cassette Black S/RC79 4-Color 4 Mio characters / Color

psi pp405 8709 002 37901