The highest standards for the toughest environments OKI MX1000

Cartridge tape-based (CRB) printers of the MX1000 series are designed and manufactured to extremely high standards for uninterrupted and trouble-free performance in the most difficult operating environments. With an innovative design, these easy-to-use products have many functions and are highly reliable, which requires minimal intervention by the user.

The MX1000 CRB series is perfect for storage and logistics applications, financial institutions and retail operations, in fact, anywhere with critical back-office printing needs. With a low cost of ownership along with print speeds of up to 2000 lines per minute (LPM) and the ability to handle varied media, including multi-part tractor-powered media, these printers remain the unbeatable solution for heavy-duty, driven applications. and high Volume, critical printing mission.

OKI's commitment to customers With almost half a century of experience in the impact printer industry, OKI is guaranteed a reliable, easy-to-use, best-in-class, low-cost printer. Cartridge tapes for all applications Our cartridge tapes provide clean and convenient handling, without the need for special training and reducing downtime.

  • Easy to load - clean hands changing tape
  • Cartridge ribbon turned over and rotated during operation for more consistent print quality over the life of the ribbon
  • Pigments and special colorants: darker and uniform image, improved reliability of the printing engine. Standard life cartridges (page 17k) and extended life (page 30k) to adapt to the print volume and budget.
  • The integrated print management system automatically monitors and communicates the life of the tape and provides the user with precise control over print quality, consumption costs and job planning

Line Matrix Printhead - Single Hammerbank Technology  
Columns 136 characters (10cpi) Character step 
10, 12, 13.3, 15, 17.1, 20 (NLQ not available at 20 tones)  
Graphics resolution Up to 180 x 144 dpi

Print speed
MX1050: 500lpm; MX1100: 1,000 lpm; MX1150: 1,500 lpm; 
MX1200: 2,000lpm

Interface and emulations
Interfaces RS 232, IEEE-1284 / parallel Centronics  
Optional interfaces: RS 422, PrintNet Enterprise 10/100 Base T, integrated Twinax interface for connection to IBM Systems 36/38 and AS / 400 directly or through the workstation IBM 5394 or 5494 controller, integrated coaxial interface to attach to IBM 3174, 3274 or 3276 cluster controller

Printronix P Series, P Series XQ, Serial Matrix, IBM ProPrinter III XL, Epson FX-1050

Optional Emulations
PGL / VGL, ANSI 3.64, IPDS (Twinax and Ethernet), TN5250, TN3270, PCL 2, DEC LG, Twinax and Coax

Typeface & font
Unicode UTF-8 and more than 100 multinational character sets including IBM World Trade, ECMA Latin1, DEC Multinational, IBM 

437 and 850, NLQ Serif, NLQ Sans Serif, Data Processing, High Speed, OCR A, OCR B 

Double Width, Double Height, italic, bold, superscript, subscript, underscore, Overscore barcode fonts 30 resident symbologies, including Code 39, EAN 8/13, UPC A / E, Smart Mail, Postnet, Royal Mail, interleaved 2 of 5, and PDF 417

Windows XP / Vista / 7 printer driver

Paper handling
Copying capability Up to 1 original + 5 copies  
Paper dimensions Width: 76 - 432mm  
Paper weight 60 - 375gsm 
Paper feeding Lower infeed paper path  with adjustable double tractors for easy loading

General characteristics
Power supply: auto range 100 - 240 VAC, +/- 10%,  
frequency 50 / 60Hz +/- 2%

Power consumption
In operation: 175W (MX1050), 260W (MX1100), 390W (MX1150),  
475W (MX1200); Energy saving mode: <28W

Noise level
MX1050 Pedestal: 62dB (A); MX1050, MX1100 Cabinet: 50dB (A); 
Cabinet MX1150: 52dB (A); Cabinet MX1200: 55dB (A); 
MX1050ZT: 66dB (A); Pedestal MX1100: 65dB (A); 
MX1150 pedestal: 68dB (A); MX1100ZT, MX1150ZT: 70dB (A)

Dimensions (HxWxD)
Pedestal MX1050, MX1100, MX1150: 914 x 660 x 538 mm; 
MX1050, MX1100, MX1150, MX1200 Cabinet: 1041 x 686 x 737 mm; 
MX1100, MX1150, MX1200 Cabinet with Surestak energy stacker: 1041 x 686 x 857 mm; 
MX1050ZT, MX1100ZT, MX1150ZT: 1.080x660x538mm 

Weight  (shipping weight)  
MX1050, MX1100, MX1150 Pedestal: 77.2kg; 
MX1050, MX1100, MX1150, MX1200 Cabinet: 124.8kg; 
MX1100, MX1150, MX1200 Cabinet with Surestak energy stacker: 138.5kg; 
MX1050ZT, MX1100ZT, MX1150ZT: 79.8kg

MTBF: 10,000 hours (MX1050, MX1100, MX1150), 8,000 hours  
(MX1200) (duty cycle 25%, page density 25%)  
1 year warranty



Cartridge Standard Capacity
(17,000 pages)  
PN: 09005591OKI MX 1000

Cartridge Extended Capacity
(30,000 pages)  
PN: 09005592

Cartridge Extended Capacity
Pack of 4 ribons 
(30,000 pages)  
PN: 09005660 

Safety Cartridge  
Pack of 4 (5,000 pages)  
PN: 09005722