Solid 85E

Solid 85E Microplex printer High performance and low printing costs.


Solid 85E Continuous Paper Laser Printer Economical for Medium Print Volumes


Flexible use for a multitude of applications, demanding materials such as PE, PVC, etc. batch label printing ticket printing, address labels (Cheshire) business documents: listings, invoices, delivery notes, easy adaptation to SAP, AS / 400 (IPDS) , Windows.

The low operating costs, as well as the price per copy, make the Solid 85E the most economical printer in its class . Fusion cooled through xenon lamps-Flash allows printing on heat sensitive media (up to 204 g / m²). Even coarse material cold melting achieves this without any problem, its standard synchronized paper stacker allows you to separate lots of work. This makes the Solid 85E a high-performance printing system from the start.

The Solid 85E is compatible with the vast majority of printer languages . It is a perfect substitute for the discontinued Printronix L5XXX models such as L5020, L5031, L5535, L7032, or the OCÉ VarioStream 7120 and Infoprint 4100 models.


  • Printing batch labels
  • Ticket printing
  • Business and logistics documents


  • The most economical of the market with cold fixation and 17 inches wide printing.
  • Prints paper, PVC, plastic, etc.
  • Ports: serial, USB, Ethernet (10/100 Mbit)
  • Compatible with laser and dot matrix printers
  • Compatible with SAP and AS / 400
  • Perfect control thanks to Status Out


  • LED, OPC
  • Xenon flash lamp
  • MPC3.3 driver with Intel CPU> 2 GHz
  • Print speed up to 85 pages / minute (A4 2-up)
  • 12.7 meters per minute
  • Resolution 300 x 300 dpi 600 x 600 dpi
  • Recommended monthly print volume up to 750,000 pages per month
  • Power supply 230V + / - 10% / 50 Hz
  • Acoustic noise (Stand by) <55 dB (A)
  • Parallel IEEE 1284 interfaces 
  • Ethernet-10/100 Mbit interface, bi-directional (TCP / IP)
  • Memory 1024 MB of RAM
  • 16 MB of Flash

The flash - fusing technology produces high - quality images and sharpness, expands the variety of print materials and weights in which you can print and reduces shrinkage, curvatures and static role, improving performance and reliability in both the printer as in the finishing devices in line, also incorporates a flat paper path .


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Printing technology

cold fix with Xenon lamps and preheat with halogen lamps


MPC 3.x with Intel CPU 
(> 2 GHz CISC Processor)

Print speed

3000 lpm (6 lpp) 
12.7 m / min 
85 pages / minute (A4 2-up)


max. 600 dpi x 600 dpi

Recommended monthly print volume

up to 750,000 pages (A4 2-up) 
(in a period of use of 60 months)


230V +/- 10% / 50 Hz


max. 5.5 KVA (in operation) 
max. 0.6 KVA (in standby)

Dimensions (width x depth x height in mm)
780 x 890 x 1320 (only the printer)


275 kg with stacker (deposit)

Room temperature

15 - 30 ° C


30 - 80% (rel., Without condensation)


Serial: USB 2.0 
Parallel: IEEE 1284 (Centronics) 
LAN: Ethernet-Interface 
10/100 MBit, bi-directional (TCP / IP)


RAM: 512MB 
Flash: 64MB

MPC 3.x with Intel CPU  (> 2 GHz CISC Processor)

MICROPLEX IDOL, HP-PCL5 / HPGL, AGFA Reno, μ-Postscript, LN03 +, BULL-MP6090, Etimark MP-1220, TEC Bx72, TEC B6xx, Diablo 630, IBM Proprinter EPSON FX-80, MT-600 / MT40, IDS , ANSI Genicom, TIFF, XML (SAP RFID), Raster CUPS

Optional emulations

CODE-V (Magnum), XEROX XES, KODESCRIPT +, Prescribe / PSB 2, IGP-10, Datamax (FGL), Datamax Labelpoint, LDC, ZPL II, EPL 2, UPI Fingerprint, IER Command, Godex EZPL, HP Designjet, IPDS , AEA, AFP, Status-OutS 
(more emulations on request)

Bar codes (standard)

Codebar, Code39, MSI, PDF417, Interleaved 2/5, Interleaved 2/5 (3-Strich Datalogic), Interleaved 2/5 (3-Strich Matrix), EAN-8, 13, 128, Add-On-Codes, Code11 , Code93, Code 128, UPC-A, UPC-E

Bar codes

USD-5, Maxi-Code, QR Code, Aztec-Code, Datamatrix 
(more codes upon request)

Additional functions

Intelligent generation of bar codes 
The controller generates the code "on the fly". 

The printer divides a page into several sub-formats. 

Intelligent forms management
In the printer you can store forms and fonts in a 12MB flash memory, which can be used at any time.

Optional additional functions

After the correct printing of a page the printer issues a receipt. 

Programmable GPIO interface (SPS-Control)
INTEGRATED INTELLIGENCE - Allows bidirectional communication between the printer and a PLC. 
Integration in production lines and control of the printer through the GPIO interface. 
A specific adaptation is possible for each client / application.

Printable media
Length of the form

7 "- 24"

With Stacker (deposit)

7 "- 14"

Form width

6 "- 18"

Printable area

17 "


60 - 204 g / m²

Feed / paper output



Stacker (deposit) 
Capacity 3000 pages (64 g / m²)


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4761 Toner Cartridge 20,000
4761-2 Toner Cartridge -Eth 20,000
4762 Developer 424,000
4753 Waste Toner Bottle 100,000
4781 Developer Unit including developer 850,000
4772 Air Filter 424,000
4783 OPC Drum 424,000
4784 Cleaning Unit 850,000
4785 Xenon Lamp 1,274,000
4786 Main Charger 424,000
4787 Transfer Charger 636,000
4788 Pre- Charger 636,000
KP03-0504-002-01 Carbon Filter 424,000


              OPC-DRUM-4783-MICROPLEX-SOLID-85E               TONER-MICROPLEX-SOLID-85E


Page price based on 2 up A4 portrait is 0.0142 euro with 5% coverage using all the consumables with a lifetime. This is a guide only and can only be used as such, the actual material, operational conditions and the age of the machine can all have an inpact on these calculations.