To produce high quality impact MICR

KDS 150 MICR Encoder offers an economical alternative to produce high quality impact MICR prints in your continuous forms printing jobs. Using its latest generation electronics, the KDS 150 is controlled from a single circuit card, which makes replacement and replacement simple for the installations maintained by the user. With easy-to-use PC-based print control software,

the MICR KDS 150 encoder can function as a standalone unit or can be combined with an impact text printer or a non-impact printer for a complete tandem verification personalization system. Kerning MICR encoders offer robust 24-hour service performance with performance up to 10,

The KDS 150 offers an economical and simple way to produce

small checks production with high quality and high security. without making a large investment. The KDS 150 will easily handle most continuous formats of up to 3 copies. Checkbooks, vouchers, payroll and payable checks, lottery tickets and other financial documents can be printed with MICR KDS 150 encoder. Different printing drums with different character sets can be ordered optionally, allowing the user to print different typographies while printing MICR characters.

The innovative Kerning system of variable hammer impact energy ensures that each character is printed in a manner consistent with the exact energy required, eliminating debossing rejections. The energy levels of the hammer can be adjusted by the user. The operator will adjust the thicknesses and the sets of multi-copy forms to different forms. 

Kerning's innovations in ribbon advance control offer substantial savings in the cost of consumables. The distance of the tape the distance is extremely precise and programmable by the user, which generates more lines per tape. Each 1,250-foot belt can print up to 120,000 documents, resulting in less downtime for tape replacement. Special safety tapes with penetrating and fluorescent pigments available on request for improved safety requirements.

The printer has been designed for maximum ease of operation and maintenance. 

A single circuit card controls. all the functions of the printer, and offers an automatic adjustment of the electronic flight time to improve the straightness of the MICR line. A 7-inch LCD touch screen displays all menus and status messages in easy-to-understand language. The MICR KDS 150 encoder comes standard with three interfaces: USB, RS-232C serial and TCP / IP Ethernet.

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Print Field: 56 columns (7 inches)

Document Throughput: Up to 170 DPM (10,000 per hour) (1 line on 3.0” document)

Horizontal Pitch: 8 Characters per Inch

Vertical Line Spacing: 6 or 8 lines per inch

Maximum Forms Width: 15 inches edge to edge

Paper: Single part continuous pinfeed forms, 24 lb. MICR bond (90 gm.) Multipart forms subject to test.

MICR Ribbon: Max. length up to 1,250 ft., width variable

Number of Checks per Ribbon: 120,000 approximately on 1,250 ft. ribbon

Ribbon Step Distance: User-Programmable, .145” ±.025”

MICR Drum Fonts: E13B or CMC7 or MICR/Gothic split

Printer Interface: USB, Ethernet TCP/IP, RS-232C Serial

Power Consumption: 150W while printing

Power Requirements: Single phase 115VAC ±10% 60 Hz or 230VAC ±10% 50 or 60 Hz

Dimensions: 49" H x 26" W x 26" D

Weight: 170 lbs.

Environmental Conditions: 10° C to 30° C, 30% to 70% humidity, (non-condensing)

Warranty: 12 months – parts only