Advanced connectivity for advanced printers Only Zebra print servers are designed and tested to work with Zebra printers. This means that you can implement your printing solutions without problems, without having to worry about compatibility problems. In addition, Zebra print servers allow you to view the print server settings (such as the IP address) on the front panel of the printer, making it easier to install printers in your environment.

Finally, most third-party print servers only allow remote administration of the print server itself. With a Zebra print server, you can remotely manage both the print server and the printer using any of Zebra's ZebraLink ™ products, such as ZebraNet ™ Bridge Enterprise and Mirror. This is a great benefit for organizations whose printers are implemented globally but are managed through a central IT group. Zebra now offers you an option in print server products to further improve the best printers in the world: 

Flexible 10/100 Ethernet connectivity for high performance and Wireless connectivity allows you to reposition your Zebra printers as needed without having to re-enable them. With the ZebraNet b / g internal print server from Zebra, connect most Zebra desktop printers to 802.11b / g networks from the beginning of the box. The print server has an internal radio that is resistant to theft and does not require you to purchase a separate card. The optional antenna connected with magnetic support can optimize the reception by allowing the user to position the antenna in a way that improves the quality of the signal. The ZebraNet Wireless Plus print server offers a high level of wireless security for most Zebra desktop printers for flexible reconfiguration of printers as commercial needs dictate. Industrial printers (internal and external options) 

Secure wireless network connectivity for printer operations independent of location anytime, anywhere • Deprecated antenna available to ensure easy integration. • Effortless installation and centralized connectivity and control through advanced management of Zebra printers Comparison of internal print server benefits • Provides a smaller footprint • Can be installed at the factory • It is more resistant to theft. External Allows you to exchange printers without reconfiguring network settings in the printer or host.


10Base-T and 100Base-TX UTP RJ45 Ethernet connection   
Auto detects full-duplex and half-duplex communications. 


Bi-directional parallel port, IEEE-1284 Centronics® (Compatibility, Nibble and ECP)

Test button: diagnostic test and configuration printing.  
Activity indicators: two-color display of the operating status; 
Two color screen for speed and network activity. 

Operating ambient temperature: 32 ° F to 104 ° F / 0 ° C to 40 ° C 
Operating humidity: 25% to 85% non-condensing 
Storage temperature: -40 ° F to 140 ° F / -40 ° C at 60 ° C Storage humidity: 5% to 85% non-condensing 
Maximum power from 750 mA to 5.25 VDC with 475 mA capacity at 5 VDC 
Power supplied by the printer (Centronics pin 18.5 
VDC to 475 mA Approval of the  Class CISPR 22 agency Canadian Doc; FCC Class B; Print server b / g • 300 m outside • 300 m outsideWireless Print Server Plus Based on the selected radio card EN55024; AS /

Length Width 3.2.2 / 81.28 mm 2.8 "/ 71.12 mm  

Print Server b / g  
Wireless Print Server Plus Height 1.2" / 30.48 mm  
Weight 2.7 oz / 77 g  

Series  •  R110Xi4 • RZ400 / RZ600  • ZM400 / ZM600  • S4M  • Series PAX4  • R110PAX4  •  Series  Xi4 Series •  XiIIIPlus • 105SL • ZM400 / ZM600  • RZ400 / RZ600  • R110PAX4  • R2844-Z (external only)  • Series G (internal only) 

Print Server Z4Mplus / Z6Mplus  TLP 2824 Plus / LP 2824 Plus  b / g  Antenna connected