Tally T5040 Printer

Tally T5040 printer

Repace the Discontinued Nixdorf 4920 model


Tally Dascom T5040 is the multi-document printer

to manage loose sheets, bills, bank books, passports and travel vouchers with maximum reliability. The automatic Gap Regulation of the Printhead according to the grammage of the paper, the extreme simplicity of use and his compact dimensions favor his utilization in any environingingment of work.

It has a speed of up to 600 characters per second in 15 cpi and the perfect automatic alignment of the tally paper Tally T5040 is the ideal product to improve productivity and efficiency in front office activity such as Banking, Insurance, Travel Agencies and Administrations. The printer is available in numerous configurations, among which is the MSR version for reading the horizontal or vertical magnetic stripe of bank books and MICR for reading characters printed with magnetic ink.

Equipped with the standard interface Parallel, Series RS-232 and USB it can be equipped with a second serial interface or with a 10/100 Ethernet print server. Thanks to the innovative functions applied to impact technology, the greater reliability and versatility in window applications, the Tally Dascom T5040 offers quality and high performance with really low exercise costs, it is the model that is replacing the Wincor Nixdorf 4920, not manufactured.


Wincor Nixdorf 4920 model is discontinued. This model is very widespread in the banking sector. Nowadays the Banks, Insurance, Travel Agencies and Public Administrations that use these models are looking for an alternative substitution solution.
Tally Dascom has the solution: The Tally DASCOM T5040.

Tally T5040 model is fully compatible, and the vast majority of banks have approved and identified it as the perfect substitute.

Highlight of the Tally T5040

  • Supports a variety of forms
  • Auto Gap Adjustment (AGA)
  • Automatic alignment of documents
  • Auto-matic detection of the edge of the document
  • Simultaneous connectivity to different operating systems via ports: Parallel. USB, and 2 serial ports
  • Unparalleled transaction times - notebook in 2.2 seconds
  • DIN A4 in 12 seconds


Manufacturer page:  http://www.dascom.co.uk/Products/s_Detail.aspx?pid=4&info_id=20


Print speed 600 cps (Fastest Draft) ; 400 cps (Draft), 133 cps (NLQ) pour 10 cpi
Printing method Series impact matrix – 24 pins
Resolution (Depending on the application): Horizontal 60, 80, 90, 120, 180, 240, Max 360; Vertical 180, Max 360
Character sets IBM PC2 (13 sets of national characters) ISO 8859-2 / -5 / -7 / -8 / -9 additional character sets available from CD ROM
Character density 5, 10, 12, 15, 16.6, 17.1, 20, 24 cpi
Line density 6 and 8 lpi and increments up to 1 / 360th, inch
Life of the print head 400 million carateres
Standard connectivity RS-232, 9-pin D-Sub male connector, USB-2, Centronics IEEE-1284 parallel, 256 kB memory
Optional connectivity Models with 2nd serial RS232 interface are available. Ethernet TGNet 10 / 100BaseT adapters
Standard emulation Epson ESC / P, IBM 4722, Olivetti PR50 / PR2 / PR2e, IBM PP XL24e
Sources Eraser, Roman, Sans Serif, Courier, Bold, Prestige, Script, Speaker, Gothic, OCRA / B *
Consumables Fabric tape: 10 million characters
Standard paper handling Feeding documents: horizontal from the front. Automatic alignment, Automatic loading, Automatic detection of the left edge
Number of copies 1 + 4 copies
Thickness of the form Record book: 2.0mm maximum including the covers. Paper weight (stitched in pages) 75-120 g / m 2
Kind of paper Notebooks and cut forms: includes labels, checks, receipts, invoices, fact sheets
Thickness of the paper
60-260 g / m 2
Paper size Cutting forms: Width: 70 – 210 mm (standard sheet of 80 columns); Length: 70 – 500 mm; Thickness 60-260 g / m2
Physical Weight <10 kg (Approximately 22 pounds)
Physical size (HxWxD) 168 x 378 x 280 mm (approximately 6.6 x 14.9 x 11 inches)
Supply voltage 230 V
The energy consumption Max. 73W (printing), 8.9W (sleeping), 0W (standby / off)
Power frequency 50/60 Hz
Workload 1200 documents per day
Drivers Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 ; Windows Server 2003/2008 and others upon request
Temperature 10ºC – 30ºC
Humidity 15% -75% non-condensing relative humidity
Acoustic Less than 55 dB (A)
Warranty One year back to deposit
Note * For OCR applications, it is recommended that your readers be tested with print samples supplied by DASCOM before purchase.

10 Millions Characters Yield
REF: 43393 / 043393
43393-TALLY-T5040                     43393-TALLY-T5040

The genuine black TallyDascom 043393 Nylon ribbon is specifically designed for your TallyDascom printer, the black Tally 043393 ink ribbon is ideal for printing professional quality documents including, passbooks, cheques, receipts and OCR