Microplex Solid T11

Solid T11 thermal printer of large format (10.5 inches) Compatible with laser and matrix.


Ideal for paper mills, production process, storage and logistics applications, where you need large format labels (A3).



The Microplex  Solid T11 is a multifunction printer based on thermal printing technology , 2 versions available: thermal transfer printing, as well as direct thermal. 
Due to its wide range of applications, you can use the T11 SOLID printers to print all kinds of information such as bar codes, alphanumeric characters and vector graphics EG, the Solid T11 understands most of the languages ​​or languages ​​used by the thermal printers in the industrial sector as well as laser printers on the market because it uses the same controller as the Microplex laser models, so the advantages of thermal printing technology are combined with the flexibility of "laser intelligence".

Ideal for paper mills, production process, storage and logistics applications, where you need large format labels (A3) .

The Solid T11 is a 10.5-inch thermal printer with a robust design and therefore suitable for applications in the hostile industrial environment, easy to handle and with integrated intelligence, its multiple emulations including PCL5e allows it to be compatible with laser printers facilitating integration for SAP applications.

Perfect for:
  • Printing in large formats, labels, Tags
  • Fast on-demand printing or in batches
  • Suitable for the toughest permanent loads


Main  features SOLID T11
  • Thermal and direct thermal transfer, flat head
  • 300 mm paper width - 266 mm printable
  • 300 dpi print resolution
  • Print speed of up to 6 inches (150 mm) per second
  • Automatic automatic paper feeding
  • Environment rel. h. 30 - 80% (without condensation)  Temp. 5 - 40 ° C
  • Interfaces: USB, Parallel IEEE 1284, Ethernet-Interface 10/100 Mbit, bi-direktional (TCP / IP)
  • Optional: RS323, RS422, SPS-Control
  • Memory 64 MB of RAM 16 MB of Flash
Manufacturer's Link:  http://microplex.de/de/produkte/thermodrucker/solid-t11/


Printing technology

Thermo-transfer / direct thermo 
(technology controlled by head flat head controlled by history)


MPC 5.x with Intel XScale PXA 255 

Print speed

Up to 150 mm / s 
Up to 6 inches / s


300 dpi x 300 dpi

Header duration

Transfer: up to 50,000 m 
Direct: up to 30,000 m


100 / 240V Autoselect



Dimensions (width x depth x height in mm)

475 x 313 x 319


23 kg (without optional)

Room temperature

5 - 40 ° C


30 - 80% (rel., Without condensation)


Serial: USB 
Parallel: IEEE 1284 
LAN: Ethernet Interface 
10/100 MBit, bi-directional (TCP / IP)


RAM: 128 MB 
Flash: 16 MB

MPC 5.x with Intel XScale PXA 255  (400-MHz-RISC-Processor)

IDOL MICROPLEX, HP-PCL5 / HPGL, AGFA Reno, LN03 +, BULL-MP6090, Datamax (FGL), Etimark MP-1220, TEC Bx72, TEC B6xx, LDC, ZPL II, EPL2, UBI Fingerprint, IER Command, Godex EZPL, Diablo 630, IBM Proprinter, Epson FX-80, MT-600 / MT40, IDS, Genicom ANSI, TIFF, HP Designjet, XML (SAP ® ), CUPS Raster

Optional emulations

μ-Postscript, CODE-V (Magnum), XEROX XES, KODESCRIPT +, Prescribe / PSB 2, IGP-10, Datamax Labelpoint, IPDS, AEA, AFP, RFM 
(more emulations on request)

Bar codes (standard)

QR Code, EAN 8, 13, 128, add on, 2/5 three-stroke Datalogic, 2/5 three-stroke Matrix, Codabar, PDF 417, Royalbar, Planet, JetCAPS (HP / SAP ® ), Code 39, 128 MSI, UPC A, E, Postnet, KIX, USPS One Code

Optional bar codes

USD5, Aztec-Code, UPS-Maxicode, Datamatrix 
(more bar codes on request)

Additional functions

Intelligent generation of bar codes 
The controller generates the barcode "on the fly"

The printer divides the page into several sub-formats.

Optional additional functions

Integrated form management 
On the printer, forms and fonts can be stored in a 12MB flash memory, which can be used at any time.

After the correct printing of a page, the printer issues a receipt.

Programmable GPIO interface (SPS-Control)
INTEGRATED INTELLIGENCE - Allows bidirectional communication between the printer and a PLC. 
Integration in production lines and control of the printer through the GPIO interface. 
A specific adaptation is possible for each client / application.

Printable media

131-300 mm wide 
266 mm printable


Thickness of the paper

max. 0.21 mm

Inner diameter of the tube

1 inch / 25.4 mm

Ribbon length

max. 300 m

Impregnated side


Ribbon width

Max 273 mm

Feed / paper output
Keep going

External: stacked

External rewinder

External unwinder


Tear-off (hand-pulled)
Per batch 
Tear-off (hand-pulled)

Job cutter: cutter


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