Nipson MagySpeed 300

The Nipson MagySpeed ​​300 meters / minute and 600 dpi.

UV Printer


With variable speed MagySpeed ​​300 " perfect to integrate in offset line"

The MagySpeed ​​300 can be placed independently or can be installed in an offset / Flexo line. Thanks to its width of 520 mm and variable speed of up to 300 m / min, it is perfectly integrated into the current production lines of printing companies that print on paper with tension traction.

Its magnetic toner and its Ultra Violet toner guarantees a high security impression unsurpassed, combined with a cold fixation technology to print on all types of media, without deterioration or deformation. from 40 to 300 g / m2, cold fixation technology melts the toner inside the document, limiting the possibility of falsification to the maximum.

The MagySpeed ​​300 prints on a wide variety of media

as paper, plastics, etc from 40 to 300 g / m², thanks to its patented technology of cold fusion, fixing the toner without damaging the preprinted documents in the color production line offset, reducing the operative costs in the printing of variable data insurance.

The MagySpeed ​​300 can also operate as a stand-alone solution

Thanks to its 520 mm roll width, it can not only be integrated into classic offset or flexographic printing lines, but can also be configured as a duplex system. In addition, you can not only print black toner, but also fluorescent green / red and magnetic toner.toner-ultraviolet-nipson-magyspeed-300Additional software options and control cameras are available for the machine to increase document management.

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150 m/min 600*600 dpi
300 m/min 300*300 dpi
300 m/min 600*600 dpi
Printing technology                                                    MAGNETOGRAPHY WITH BLACK TONER
Fusing method                                                                      Cold flash fusing
Resolution (DPI) 600*600 dots per inch 300*300  dots per inch 600*600 dots per inch
Paper management Tension-fed web Tension-fed web Tension-fed web
Meters per minute up to 150 up to 300 up to 300
Feet per minute up to 492 up to 984 up to 984
European Format (ipm)
A4 Landscape (21 x29,7 cm) 714 1428 1428
A4 Portrait, two up 2 x (21 x29,7 cm) 1010 2020 2020
A4 Portrait, one up (21 x 29,7 cm) 505 1010 1010
A3 Landscape (42 x 29,7 cm) 505 1010 1010
American Format (ipm)
Letter Landscape, two up 2 x (8,5 x 11 inches) 694 1388 1388
Letter Portrait, two up 2 x (8,5 x 11 inches) 1073 2146 2146
Legal Landscape (14 x 8,5 inches) 694 1388 1388
Legal Portrait, two up 2 x (8,5 x 14 inches) 843 1686 1686
Ledger Landscape (17 x11 inches) 536 1072 1072
Printing width up to 18.45 inches (468.5 mm)
Printing lenght in standard configuration 4 to 36 inches (101,6 to 914,4 mm)
Paper input Rolls, Pin-less
Media width up to 20.5 inches (520 mm)
Media weight 40 to 300 g/²
Standard Network, TCP/IP, Nipson Printserver (AFP, TIFF,PS, PDF)
Option IPDS Protocolwith license key
Width 57,4 inches (1460mm)
Lenght 103,15 inches (2620mm)
Eight 70,8 inches (1800mm)
400 VAC - 3 phases - 50 HZ/60HZ     80A 160A 160A
208 VAC 3 phases  60Hz + external transf   (208V > 400V)
Power consumption (estimate)      32kW 64kW 64kW
Duplex (Twin Engine Duplex)  available available available
I, L configurations  available available available
Fluorescent, Magnetic toner  available available available
Printer will be upgradable Printer will be upgradable


Mono-component dry toner

Nipson Technology presses all use dry magnetographic toner. Engineered to perfection, this imaging process sets the industry standard for quality and reliability.

Unlike liquid toner, dry toner can be used on virtually any type of substrate, without any pretreatment.

Dry toner technology simply outperforms any other technology, combining superior image quality and process stability. Only dry toner technology can accurately produce minute details such as micro-text and guilloches in security features, serifs and fine lines in certain fonts, and hairlines.

Because our black toner is magnetic, Nipson Technology presses are MICR-capable by default, enabling simultaneous printing of MICR characters and other variable data without the need of additional costs or changes to the printer. And our fluorescent toner further enhances your choice of security features.

What is more, our proprietary mono-component toner not only guarantees cost-effective impeccable quality, it also contributes to a clean and environmentally-friendly operation by ensuring efficient de-inking process for recycled paper production.