Microplex provides customized printing solutions for many highly specialized industrial applications-often pushing the boundaries of technical feasibility.


Our Philosophy

Since 1987, Microplex's goal has been optimization of our customers' printing processes and workflow processes. Microplex develops a wide-ranging product line of professional printers with highly flexible application possibilities. Designed for industrial and logistics applications, our products enable our customers to achieve competitive advantages, cost reductions, and operational optimization.


Our Ambition

Whenever mission-critical applications and production processes demand the highest levels of precision and split-second timing when printing, Microplex customers can count on us to affordably and quickly implement the latest print solutions in a multitude of enterprise and production environments. As a result, workflows are simplified, accelerated, and secure resulting in higher efficiencies being achieved.


Our Proposition

Microplex provides customers with tailor-made print solutions. Our technologists understand what is important in the printing environment and how to achieve the desired outcome. “Only when we have completely understood every single aspect do we begin to work. This is because only then, do we take it upon ourselves to actually implement our printers – which regularly occurs during ongoing operations – be it on a computer network, a central warehouse, a car manufacturing plant or some other specialized area of application,” explains Gero Decker, COO at Microplex. He adds: “And should a requirement change at a later stage, Microplex is always in a position to make the necessary adjustments.”


Our Performance

What company doesn’t want to achieve more in less time – while simultaneously not compromising on quality? After all, in today’s competitive business environment, the speed of output is often among the most important parameters that can decide who attains and retains the top position in a given industry. Microplex understands how to unleash and best exploit the residual potentials of high-performance printers and control these to achieve productivity gains. Despite our love for technology, cost efficiency always has top priority for the Microplex team of experts.
That’s why they keep a constant eye not only on the one-off costs but also on all ongoing expenses to ensure the maximum benefit to your bottom line.